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For Patients Who Meet the Following Criteria


  •  Display mild symptoms of Sleep Apnea

  •  Ages 18 & up

  •  No critical illnesses

  •  Does not require extensive care

  •  BMI <50

  •  No symptoms of Parasomnia, Periodic Leg Movements, or Seizures

  •  No  Pulmonary Disease, Nueromuscular Conditions, or Congestive      Heart Failure



Steps To Your Home Sleep Test


  •  Get an order from your physician or a sleep specialist

  •  Schedule a pickup time with our facility

  •  Get quick results upon return of the equipment

  •  We will initiate quick setup of your therapeutic supplies


Sleep Monroe Health, has earned the gold standard in the world of sleep medicine.  Our facility is proudly accreditated with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.  We hold seperate accreditation status for both in-facility sleep testing & home sleep testing.


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